Forever Yours by Marc Haldemann

April 14th, 2014

Read more about «Forever Yours» which is a master in product design piece by Marc Haldemann. It’s all about emotional longevity in furniture design.

Author: Thomas Walde

HOUSE OF CARDS by Terrazzoproject

April 7th, 2014

During this year’s Milan Design Week, Terrazzo Project will present an innovative installation pushing the boundaries of terrazzo. Entitled “House of Cards”, the seemingly fragile construction illustrates the possibilities of TP’s new honeycomb-reinforced coloured terrazzo TP-PANELS. Go and visit them at Spazio Orso 16, Via dell’Orso 16 in Milan.

Author: Thomas Walde

PLUEERSMITT at Spazio Cabinet during Milano Furniture Fair

April 3rd, 2014

Design Duo PLUEERSMITT will present their latest projects during the Milano Furniture Fair at Spazio Cabinet, via Alessandro Tadino 20 in Milan.

Author: Luzia Kälin

NEW FURNITURES by Christoph Jenni in Milan

April 2nd, 2014

Swiss product designer Christoph Jenni presents in Milan the aluminum chair APPIA and the side table BABA for Maxdesign and the chair collection VESPER and the tables NODO&STATO for Colos.
Author: Thomas Walde

OKOLO OFFLINE by Depot Basel

March 26th, 2014

For the next exhibition OKOLO OFFLINE at Depot Basel, 25 blog articles from OKOLO were chosen and made tangible in the form of objects, graphics, films and photos.  Additionally, Adam Štěch, Jakub Štěch, Matěj Činčera and Jan Kloss will launch their series MINUTE, a succession of short films on design history. Vernissage Friday, 28.3.2014, 7 – 10 PM  I  Opening Hours Friday, Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM; Sunday 2 PM – 6 PM.

Author: Thomas Walde

DOING FASHION Graduate Show at Institute of Fashion Design Basel

March 23rd, 2014

This year’s Graduate Show of Doing Fashion at Institute of Fashion Design was again a big show. Even though there was rather too much focus on big show effects than on actual fashion images and messages, there were also a few talented young designers to discover.

If you missed the show, you can watch the livestream.
The image above shows a look by Natasha Petruzziello.

Author: Luzia Kälin

JAPANESE POSTER ARTISTS at Museum für Gestaltung Zurich”

March 18th, 2014

The Museum für Gestaltung Zurich currently shows an amazing exhibition about Japanese Poster Artists. The impressive posters from 1950 to the present day show the unique aesthetic of Japanese graphic design. Pure inspiration!

“Japan fascinates with a unique poster culture. Its subtle poetry, mystical messages and glowing colors are just as captivating for the Western eye as the cheeky provocation and rejection of all the accepted rules of visual communication.”

Author: Luzia Kälin

“objectify” VASE SERIES 2014 by Isabell Gatzen

March 18th, 2014

During a 4 month sabbatical in Bali, designer Isabell Gatzen studied ceramic and porcelain product development. Her studies during this time lead her to create a vase series called „objectify“. Read more

Author: Thomas Walde

L1 Maurice de Mauriac by Fabian Schwärzler

March 17th, 2014

Fabian Schwärzler designed a watch for niche, Zurich-based watch brand, Maurice de Mauriac, will be known as the L1. Read more.

Author: Thomas Walde

BENCH by Moritz Schmid

March 10th, 2014

Switzerland is guest of honour during this year’s Leipzig book fair. Talented Swiss Designer Moritz Schmid therefore designed a trafic red reading bench for the Swiss publishers and booksellers association SBVV.

A nice short interview with Moritz (in German) can be found at form magazine online.
This Thrusday, March 13th 2014 at 6-7 pm Moritz Schmid will be guest at form Lounge . There he will present his bench himself.

Author: Luzia Kälin

AHOI AHOI presents tracery treasure jewellery collection by IT’S LAUBER

February 27th, 2014

Sabine Lauber designed for IT’SLAUBER a new jewellery collection. From 28.02.14 – 12.04.14 ahoiahoi presents the collection at Riehentorstrasse 14 in Basel. (photographs by Angelika Annen)

Vernissage: Thursday February 27 at 6 pm

Author: Thomas Walde

RENATA by Laetitia Florin

February 23rd, 2014

Lately, Laetitia Florin’s glass series Renata was shown during the exhibition Glass at NOV Gallery in Geneva. Renata is a limited edition of mouth blown vases, bowls and platters playfully using transparency and opacity to reveal or hide contents.

Author: Luzia Kälin

JOSEPHINE CHOQUET picked for Wallpaper Graduate Directory 2014

February 19th, 2014

Discover the surprising work of ECAL student Josephine Choquet who was picked for the Wallpaper Magazine Graduate Directory 2014.

Author: Luzia Kälin

NEVER TOO MUCH by Kueng Caputo

February 15th, 2014

New York-based gallery Salon 94 currently shows Never Too Much - a psychedelic series of hand-painted objects by Swiss Duo Kueng Caputo.

“The artists pair and mirror the contrasting materials of dyed leather for the seat with traditional enamel for the base. The soft Italian leathers are used in a hard way, wrapped around a metal drum. The skins are naturally dried and tanned, then splattered and sprayed with organic vegetable stains. In contrast to the “wet” process of staining, each color in the enamel is fashioned from a metal coating, independent layers baked-on separately and methodically, resulting in a complex and deep surface texture. The dynamic works celebrate process experimentation, material play, and exuberant color.”

Author: Luzia Kälin

EMPOWER SHACK – Swisspearl Summer School by Brillembourg & Klumpner

February 14th, 2014

Yesterday was the opening of the exhibition of Empower Shack which was a two-week design and build workshop aimed at developing an innovative, replicable shack prototype for a site in Cape Town. Read more about the project.

Author: Thomas Walde

1 YEAR TEXTILPIAZZA at the Hanro-Areal

February 5th, 2014

Here some good news for all creatives working with textiles: The Textilpiazza, a textile workshop based at the former Hanro factory in Liestal (close to Basel) turns one year and now has even more to offer.
Next to their sewing pass where you can spend several hours using their professional sewing machines, they also offer workshops, courses as well as a knitters club and even studio spaces. A great project – have a look at their website!

Author: Luzia Kälin

Jantar Mantar SEVERAL – RING – CIRCUS by Patrick Hari at BolteLang

February 3rd, 2014

Patrick Hari’s exhibition Jantar Mantar Several – Ring – Circus at BolteLang shows a section of works which he made during a 12-month stay in Kunming, China. The centrepiece is a wind tunnel with the glue sculptures it produces. New photographic works and drawings on wooden tablets will also be on display.

Author: Thomas Walde

OYSTER by Jörg Boner for Wittmann

January 31st, 2014

Jörg Boner designed a smiling seating furniture family called OYSTER.

Author: Thomas Walde

ORDNUNGSHALBER by Christoph Goechnahts

January 29th, 2014

Christoph Goechnahts won with his diploma project «Ordnungshalber» the D3 Design Contest in Cologne. We congratulate!

Author: Thomas Walde


January 27th, 2014

Check the new mugon boutique bags designed and produced by swissmade, Zurich.

Author: Thomas Walde


January 26th, 2014

The great young footwear label VELT just presented its new Collection Silently Still during Paris Fashion Week. The two Swiss behind VELT, Patrick Rüegg and Stefan Rechsteiner, successfully combine contemporary shoe design with classic shoemaker’s craft and therefore won the 2013 Federal Swiss Design Award.

Author: Luzia Kälin

BREADPIT by Florian Hauswirth

January 24th, 2014

Last week in Cologne Florian Hauswirth co-founder of presented Breadpit.

Author: Thomas Walde

ECLAR by Joerg Boner

January 23rd, 2014

We noticed the new light series of Schaetti Leuchten designed by Jörg Boner.

Author: Thomas Walde

PORTABLE CHAIR by Demian Conrad for Take a Seat

January 20th, 2014

We like the «Portable Chair» redesigned by Demian Conrad (founder of DADADUM) for the upcoming Take a seat auction next Thursday. Photography by Sandra Kennel

Author: Thomas Walde

WOGG 1 -FINETUNING by Loris & Livia

January 17th, 2014

This week at imm cologne, we rediscovered the shelving system Wogg 1 which got a facelift by Loris & Livia, “with bookends adding new splashes of colour and a refined wood look giving new standards to the material”. A surprising new turn in the Wogg collection.

Author: Luzia Kälin

KANT by Charles O. JOB for MOX

January 16th, 2014

A new umbrella stand “KANT” for MOX by charles o. job presented at the IMM 14 in Cologne, Location: “Pure Village“, Halle 02.2 Stand L020.

Author: Thomas Walde

FABRICATE 2014 – Conference at ETH Zurich

January 7th, 2014

FABRICATE 2014 is a pretty interesting conference about digital fabrication  taking place February 14-15, 2014 at ETH Zurich. From computational design, to material performance and manipulation, to robotic fabrication, Fabricate will promote the full spectrum of research and creative practice currently occurring within Architecture & Engineering.

Author: Luzia Kälin


December 21st, 2013

We are supporting Julie Joliat’s Agendas for years now, because they make your everyday live planning more fun! This year’s agenda sounds as promising as ever:

Using this agenda, you will explore the world in a different way. Every week reveals a fresh tip or challenge for you to spice up the year. Go to a place you usually avoid, take a day off and do nothing, make your own walnut bread, change the layout of your room/home,…”

Author: Luzia Kälin

SIGG THEMOS by Brunner Mettler

December 20th, 2013

The Zurich based Designstudio Brunner Mettler has designed the first ever series of thermo bottles for Swiss heritage brand SIGG, including a mug and a tea strainer.

Author: Florian Hauswirth


December 19th, 2013

Read an interview on Designboom with the Swiss Martin Lotti (creative director for NIKE football) about the new 2014 brazilian national team kit, the story includes a lot of “brazilian-secrets”.  He studied design at the art center college of design, first in la tour-de-peilz, Switzerland and then over in the states at the los angeles campus.

Author: Florian Hauswirth

POP-UP SHOP by Nikolas Kerl and Postfossil

December 17th, 2013

Postfossil and Edition Nikolas Kerl launch a pop up store at provisorium Sihlpost.

Author: Thomas Walde


December 12th, 2013

Read more about the wonderful glasses VIU designed and developed by AEKAE, Kilian Wagner and Peter Kaeser and check it out at their Temporary Concept Store, Neugasse 41 in Zurich. Opening Hours: 23.November – 22.December Monday – Friday: 12pm – 8pm  I  Saturday: 11am – 6pm  I  Sunday: 11am – 6pm (1.12. / 8.12. / 22.12.)

Author: Thomas Walde

ETTA by Christian Horisberger for RESEDA

December 9th, 2013

Christian Horisberger designed ETTA for RESEDA.

Author: Thomas Walde

KAWOOM is coming out now!

December 8th, 2013

The “Tischbombe” is an invention by the Swiss Max Amsler in the sixties. Now in 2013 “KAWOOM” a new Swiss company is launching just before New Years Day! Different types for all ages with well selected components for a great party, like: “MONSTERPONG” for the little once to the “KULTKABINETT” for adults.

Author: Florian Hauswirth

D6 STORAGE by Joost van der Vecht & Fabian Schwaerzler

December 7th, 2013

Minimalist electronic music was an important source of inspiration for the D6 installation. Designers Van der Vecht & Schwaerzler sampled a host of models and drawings in their attempts to articulate sound in three dimensions, creating a whole new grammar of forms, amongst which was the Dynamic no.6 (D6). The single piece was shown at the “Neue Räume” fair in Zurich.

Author: Florian Hauswirth


December 6th, 2013

Read more and buy beautiful products selected or produced by KIDSGOODS.

Author: Thomas Walde

WATCH THE MOVIE (In German) «Gestern, heute, morgen – Die Schweiz als Designstandort » by Depot Basel

November 29th, 2013

Author: Thomas Walde

NEUE RÄUME with APPROACHING by Hussein Chalayan for Ruckstuhl

November 26th, 2013

At «Neue Räume» Swiss carpet producer Ruckstuhl presents a new carpet by fashion designer Hussein Chalayan.

Author: Thomas Walde


November 19th, 2013

The upcoming exhibition by Depot Basel is called «Change and Exchange of Generations». Photo: Gina Folly

Author: Thomas Walde


November 18th, 2013

The concept of the “Highly Recommended” Sales-Exhibition is simple, but works: Like chain of Artists and Designers, always one is proposing the next one.

Until December 21. At Affaire46 in Zurich

Author: Florian Hauswirth
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